Research Foci

At the beginning of the Leibniz ScienceCampus Phosphorus Research Rostock ('P-Campus'), interdisciplinary research on phosphorus was being carried out in three research clusters and one cross-sectional theme. 

With the start of a new, second funding period of the P-Campus, the alignment of the research clusters was changed in part (Cluster I, II, III) and new research foci (Cluster IV, V) were defined. The earlier cross-cutting theme on phosphorus analysis methods has been integrated into all research clusters.

The P-Campus Phosphorus Research is now divided into five areas of research (clusters):


Phosphorus Graduate School (PGS)

The Phosphorus Graduate School (PGS), funded by the Leibniz Association and the partner institutions of the ScienceCampus, comprises 11 (first period) respectively 14 (second period) thematically affiliated individual projects.