Phosphorus in Agriculture: 100% Zero

New Springer book publication with several contributions from scientists of the Leibniz ScienceCampus Phosphorus Research Rostock:

Phosphorus in Agriculture: 100% Zero.
Summary of current state of the art in the area of agricultural phosphorus research.

Schnug, Ewald, De Kok, Luit J. (Eds.)

"The title ‘Phosphorus in Agriculture: 100% Zero’ is synonymous for make-or-break. And it stands up to the promise. This book sends an important message as it delivers background information, intrinsic hypotheses, validation approaches and legal frameworks, all for balanced phosphorus fertilization in agriculture. This implies firstly that the phosphorus requirement of crop is fully satisfied by applying exclusively fertilizers which contain the nutrient in completely available form. Secondly, environmental demands through eutrophication and hazardous contaminants must not be compromised. The book identifies equally knowledge gaps and deficits in the transformation and implementation of research into practice. Bottom line is that research delivers the tools for a sustainable phosphorus management while legal frameworks are insufficient." (Springer)

Bettina Eichler-Löbermann, Silvia Bachmann, Stefanie Busch, Katja Schiemenz, Thomas Krey, Verena Pfahler and Ralf Uptmoor: Management Options for an Efficient Utilization of Phosphorus in Agroecosystems.

Felix Ekardt: Justice and Sustainability: Normative Criteria for the Use of Phosphorus. 

Felix Ekardt, Beatrice Garske, Jessica Stubenrauch and Jutta Wieding: Governance Instruments for Phosphorus Supply Security.