P-Campus-Ringvorlesung am 27.06.24

Am 27. Juni findet der nächste Vortrag der P-Campus-Ringvorlesung 2024 statt. Prof. Michael E. Böttcher vom Leibniz-Institut für Ostseeforschung (IOW) spricht online via Webex über "Element-Transformationen in Gradientensystemen der Ostsee".
Die Vorlesung beginnt um 16:00 Uhr und ist kostenfrei.

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The Baltic Sea is characterized my strong physico-chemical, and associated biogeochemical gradients: On one hand, the inflow of saltwater from the North Sea and on the other hand freshwaters originating from surface waters (rivers, streams) and submarine groundwater discharge (SGD). Furthermore, steep vertical gradients are found within the sediment column of selected areas connecting the modern Baltic Sea with the past glacial melt waters and being under microbially catalyzed diagenetic modulations of the element gradients and fluxes. Gradients are triggered by mixing processes of different solutions and diagenesis may lead to dissolution or authigenesis of solid phases of diagnostic potential to reconstruct past environmental conditions (proxies). A prominent example is the formation of surface and subterrestrial mineral fronts (iron curtains) that may act as temporal sink for dissolved phophate.

Here, we report on the isotope hydrobiogeochemical characterization of fresh water sources (ground waters, rivers, streams), and focus on SGD studies about the controls of water and element exchange across the land-ocean boundary of the southern Baltic Sea. The investigations are further complemented by exciting results from shallow and long sediment cores. This is achieved by a combination of hydro- and solid-phase geochemical and stable multi-isotope measurements and results are discussed in terms of past, present, and potential future environmental conditions.

The presented research contains contributions from generations of BSc, MSc, and PhD students, and PostDocs, and technicians of the Geochemistry  & Isotope Biogeochemistry Group. It was financially supported by DFG (Baltic Transcoast), BMBF (Coolstyle/Carbostore, Amber), and Leibniz IOW.