P-Campus-Ringvorlesung am 20.10.22

Am 20. Oktober findet der letzte Vortrag der P-Campus-Ringvorlesung 2022 statt. Dr. Merrin Macrae spricht über "Targeting Management Practices to Mitigate Phosphorus Losses from Agricultural Fields in Regions with Cold Climates". Die Vorlesung beginnt um 15:00 Uhr und wird online via Webex übertragen.

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Phosphorus losses from non-point sources in agricultural watersheds are contributing to the degradation of surface water bodies. Many regions in the Northern Hemisphere that are used for agriculture are found in cold climates, with varying degrees of snow cover and frost severity. The efficacy of conservation practices under such conditions is unclear. Drawing on examples from the Great Lakes and Northern Great Plains regions of North America, the timing of annual water and phosphorus losses, their speciation and their transport pathways will be discussed. The efficacy of different conservation practices under varying climate and landscape conditions will also be discussed, illustrating the need for effective targeting of conservation practices to mitigate phosphorus losses from cold agricultural regions.