Letzte P-Campus-Ringvorlesung am 20.01.2022

Am 20. Januar 2022 findet der letzte Vortrag der P-Campus-Ringvorlesung statt. Rebekka Erlinghagen vom Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung (IPK) referiert zum Thema "N and P efficiency mechanisms in potato". Der Vortrag wird online gehalten und beginnt um 15:00 Uhr.

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As resources are scarce and the world focuses upon ecological awareness, the demand for organically grown produce is trending upwards. While organic farming focuses on reducing the use of plant protection products and fertilization to a sensible minimum, it is aiming to maintain high quality standards and satisfactory yields. The application of fertilizer in farming can also be restricted by government regulations, such as the Fertilizing Ordinance in Germany. However, as adequate mineralization is essential to growing field crops, such as potatoes, farming organically can be challenging. Therefore, not only the improvement of fertilizing strategies, but further the identification of efficiency mechanisms and subsequent selection of nutrient-efficient potato varieties plays a major role in tackling the challenges organic farmers are facing today.
This presentation will give an insight into the aforementioned N and P efficiency mechanisms in potato.