Young Scientists

The graduate concept of the Leibniz ScienceCampus Phosphorus Research Rostock (P-Campus) is directed to an excellent, structured graduate education of young researchers in the field of phosphorus research along with an extending internationalization. It integrates Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies and the scientific work of postdocs. In addition to the individual (BSc, MSc) and bilateral (PhD) tutoring by the workgroup leaders and scientists responsible for the projects, a thematic programme is offered. The Phosphorus Graduate School (PGS) with doctoral students forms the core of the concept. In addition, other thematically related doctoral students can be associated to the PGS and thereby use the offered programme, which is also in large parts open to thematically related MSc and BSc-students and postdocs.


Thematic Programme

The programme includes the following phosphorus research related activities:

  • International P-Campus Symposia (e.g. IPW8 - International Phosphorus Workshop 2016
  • Colloquia: will be organised by the P-Campus at least twice a year; invitation of external scientists with phosphorus research topics.
  • Thematic Workshops: to stimulate exchange between internal and external scientists once or twice per year on current research themes as well as theories or methods of phosphorus research (e.g. Innovative analytical methods in P research or Technology transfer opportunities)
  • Lecture Series
  • Summer School
  • Group Seminars (doctoral students of the PGS present and discuss their work)
  • "Phosphorus-Breakfast" from and with doctoral students of the P-Campus
Internationalisation and Networking

The Leibniz ScienceCampus Phophorus Research Rostock strives to promote the regional, national and international networking among graduate students and scientists. During research work all students are embedded in the manifold networks of the supervisors and hosting institutes and actively participate in thematic P oriented networks or expand existing ones (e.g. ESPP - European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform). Furthermore, they will be encouraged to present intermediate results at international conferences. Finally, the doctoral theses represent cumulative works consisting of a number of peer-reviewed publications in highly-ranked international journals. Therefore, members can request support for publication costs as well as for travel expense reimbursement. The P-Campus also awards scholarships to (external) scientists with thematically relevant phosphorus research topics to allow a research stay at the P-Campus.

Regulations/Membership conditions

As members can apply:

  • Doctoral students from the partner institutions of the P-Campus working on a thesis that deals substantially with phosphorus research
  • BSc and MSc students from the partner institutions of the P-Campus working on a thesis that deals substantially with phosphorus research
  • Postdocs from the partner institutions of the P-Campus, whose research exhibits a substantial part on phosphorus research
  • Visiting undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs that are working on phosphorus topics

Details for application can be found here.

Phosphorus Graduate School (PGS)

Here you find the page of the Phosphorus Graduate School (PGS)